Jun. 5, 2015


Rani pur is a very small village.   Most of the people living there were formers.    This village is close to a forest.      There is a big lake parting this village and the forest.    Usually this lake will be with full of water throughout the year.  All animals will come to this lake to drink water    So sometimes  small animals from the forest will come to this village also and spoil the fields.

In one summer a tiger came to this lake and noticed the cattle near by the village and started hunting them.   The villagers were worried about this.   They planned to catch the tiger.   Hence they kept one trap to catch it.        

A Pandit from the next village  was travelling through this way.    He saw some cows moving here and there shouting among themselves.   They seem to be much disturbed.    Then suddenly he saw the tiger in a trap.

The tiger saw the pandit politely and requested him to open the door.   The man was much afraid and refused to open the door.   Then the tiger showed him a pair of golden bangles and said it will be given to him as soon as he opens the door.   The pandit was a poor man.   On seeing the golden bangles,   he became greedy   He wished to have them but he was a bit suspicious   He asked the tiger if he release him out of the cage  will it eat him.   The tiger promised him that he won’t kill him.

A fox was listening this conversation from the beginning.   He went near the pandit and told him that it is foolishness to release this tiger from the cage because the tiger will eat him.     He also told him that the tiger has swallowed a lady looking after the cattle and the tiger cannot eat the  bangles.   Hence the tiger left them  By the time the villagers came and took the cage.  They  told the pandit to act  wisely and not to be greedy   Then all went on their own way